Developing Chinese Language Teachers

NYU Project DCLT Welcomes You to Fall 2016!

Special Announcement

Visit our brand new Startalk Website to download culturally important stories for learning Chinese, along with ideas for teaching them. These beautifully illustrated stories are available in both pdf and narrated iBook formats, were created by teachers in the NYU StarTalk Immersion Training Program for Teachers of Chinese (K-6). These stories are suitable for students of all levels. 

Upcoming Forums in Fall 2016

November 4 DCLT@China Institute: Art in a Time of Chaos: Chinese Art in Teaching Culture. 

November 5: Chinese Educators Symposium: Innovation in Teaching Language and Culture: K -12 schools. For more information about the event and registration please click here!

December 9: Celebrating Holidays Swap Shop 

Past Forums
October 7: New Teachers Forum (teachers in years 1-3 only, by invitation)
This forum focused on exploring the Chinese language teaching using the project-based approach. Click the link above to view the presentations and photos.

Click the link to watch all students-made videos of the 2016 competition!

Developing curriculum, collaborating with Chinese and other subject area teachers, articulating curriculum across grade and proficiency levels, and more ideas to put into practice in your classroom. 

This forum focused on preparing for certification, finding a job, and becoming part of the school community once you have found your place. 
February 26 DCLT@China Institute: 14th Factory Art Education Workshop
A Night on Contemporary Art for Chinese Language Teachers
This workshop was an opportunity for K-12 educators to deepen their experience of contemporary Chinese art in a new and an exciting way, and brought that knowledge to the classroom. 

The Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers (DCLT)

Project DCLT of New York University's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, funded by the Freeman Foundation, was established in 2007 to provide services and support to Chinese language teachers, schools and school districts, and students in NYU's degree programs for Chinese teachers. Learn More>

Where Are Our Graduates?

Graduates of NYU teach in schools across New York and the country. NYU's Master's in Teaching Foreign Language (Chinese) program prepares them for certification and teaching.

Resources for Teachers: By Date

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