About the Department

Teacher education can no longer be limited to the preparation of professionals whose knowledge is solely concerned with the teaching and learning process. Our teachers must be educated to confront directly the lives of today's students, their families, the school, and the community. Teacher education must be dynamic. Our students must be informed, and our curricula must be continually reformed and revitalized by emerging theory and research in a broad range of specific subjects and foundational disciplines.

The Department of Teaching and Learning has organized its courses, developed its programs, integrated university course work with school-based experiences, and designed research, demonstration, and training grants to achieve five goals:

  1. to build a department that prepares educators, broadly defined, with a coherent vision of change and of their roles in achieving it;
  2. to build an educational community with common themes and understandings that cross traditional conceptions of levels of study, faculty/student roles, academic areas of specialization, and cultures, while recognizing the particular requirements of diverse specializations;
  3. to build programs that prepare educators with a solid grasp of the historical forces that have shaped schools, of the philosophical positions that shape ideologies, and of the complexities of learning and teaching in a multicultural, multiethnic world that is constantly subject to change from social, political, and technological forces;
  4. to build a scholarly community rooted in reality and firmly committed to improving urban education; and
  5. to build a relationship with our students, alumni, field-based professionals, and community that creates support groups and networks that will serve them as they meet the difficulties and challenges of teaching.