Strategic Planning


Process Overview and Executive Summary of Data Findings, September 23, 2012

I am pleased to announce the release of the Executive Summary of Data Findings from the first phase of Steinhardt’s year-long strategic planning process.

We are confident that open and honest discussions will result in the creation of a strategic plan that will reflect the goals and aspirations of our students, faculty, administrators, and staff.  We continue to welcome all voices, opinions, and ideas at upcoming meetings and forums for how to help Steinhardt better fulfill its educational mission and become an even stronger force for positive change in New York City and around the world.

Joe Salvatore
Chair, Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Draft Goals for Strategic Plan 2013-2023, March 23, 2013

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee has now completed its initial task to identify a set of possible goals for a final strategic plan. 

Key activities of the strategic planning process have included an intentionally comprehensive, mixed-methods data collection process to gather information and inspire discussion; in-depth discussions of data analysis by the SPSC; a strategic planning retreat that produced draft goals and objectives; and regular meetings of the Deans and SPSC to refine those drafts and develop the strategic plan document. 

Since early February 2013, faculty, administrators, and student representatives have discussed draft goals and objectives in several meetings and forums and small working groups have further refined these goals into a fourth draft of the plan.

The goals that have emerged from the fourth draft are:

  1. Steinhardt creates and implements signature pedagogies that will be part of every student's learning experience and are based in and inform research, theory, and practice in the fields of performing and visual arts, media, health, and education.

  2. Steinhardt leads in the generation of cutting-edge research and creative works in the performing and visual arts, media, health, and education.

  3. Steinhardt leads the Global Network University by integrating global experiences and cosmopolitan perspectives in research, teaching, and the arts.

  4. Steinhardt collaborates with urban communities to strengthen or create dense, inter-professional partnerships in the mutual interest of students, faculty, and communities.

  5. Steinhardt advances health and human potential across the lifespan within the School and in communities.

  6. Steinhardt leads technological innovation and integration in teaching, research, and creative works of art.

Survey Findings, June 2013

In late Spring 2013, Keeling and Associates conducted a survey of NYU Steinhardt faculty,  administrators and staff to:

(1) assess the level of support for each of the draft plan's six goals and relative priorities among the goals' objectives and

(2) to solicit suggestions and ideas for activities to meet the plan's goals and objectives. 

Nearly 59% of all full-time faculty and 28% of administrators and staff participated in the survey.

The results of the survey (see Summary Report of Survey Findings) showed high levels of endorsement of the plan's six goals and their respective objectives and generated 1300 ideas and activities for achieving these goals and objectives.

Strategic Plan 2013-2023, Draft 7, August 2013

Through the work of the Implementation Planning Group that met in summer 2013, the ratings and rankings generated by the survey have been used to create a near-final draft (Strategic Plan Draft 7) of the goals and objectives for the strategic plan, and the 1300 activities submitted by respondents to the survey have been carefully reviewed and categorized.

The reconstituted Strategic Priorities Group will identify priorities for activities during the Fall 2013 term.

Report of the Strategic Priorities Group, January 6, 2014

The Strategic Priorities Group (SPG) was charged, in September 2013, with recommending specific activities the Steinhardt School should undertake to implement its Strategic Plan. Drawing on the work by faculty and administrators over the summer, the SPG reduced redundancy among the 1300 activities suggested by respondents to the June 2013 survey, grouped selected activities under a much smaller number of bigger ideas, and recommended timeframes for implementation of those ideas. Their report (see NYU Steinhardt Strategic Priorities Action Plan), submitted to Dean Brabeck in early January 2014, groups prioritized activities under five cross-cutting themes that emphasize the integrative and synergistic nature of the goals.

Final Strategic Plan/Strategic Action Plan, January 31, 2014

This final version of the Steinhardt Strategic Plan/Strategic Action Plan 2013-2023 provides essential guidelines for the School's decisions, priorities, resources allocations, and overall direction in the coming years. It represents two years of conversations, engagement and collaboration among faculty, administrators, staff, and students across the School.

The Strategic Plan recognizes, celebrates, and builds upon the strengths and distinctiveness of NYU Steinhardt.  This Plan does not suggest a re-direction of the School; it inspires the elevation of its mission and highlights the application of its assets to areas of new or greater emphasis in its work.

The Strategic Plan identifies 6 goals and corresponding objectives. The Strategic Action Plan  identifies specific short- and long-term activities with corresponding timeframes and responsible academic and administrative parties to guide the implementation of high priority strategies.

The School Planning Committee, a standing committee of the Steinhardt Faculty Senate, will monitor progress on implementation of the Strategic Plan.