Teacher Education at Steinhardt

Parents, policymakers, educators, and leaders around the country want high-quality teachers for our nation’s children and schools. At the NYU Steinhardt School, our mission is to ensure that every teacher we train is prepared to give each child a quality education.  We share this goal with the nation: we are committed to making sure that highly effective teachers are working in classrooms around the country.

This website offers information to members of the public, prospective students, parents, educators, evaluators, government officials, and the media about how well the teacher education programs at NYU Steinhardt are meeting this goal.

Evaluations and Outcomes Data on Teacher Candidates

Our efforts to evaluate our teacher candidates go well beyond counting hours in schools or assignments listed on syllabi.

  • Using standardized observation protocols, we conduct surveys of our students' proficiency in using effective teaching strategies and techniques.
  • To evaluate professional development and teaching, we assess dispositions thought to be related to student achievement.
  • We assess the quality and effectiveness of the training our student teachers receive from their cooperating teachers and faculty supervisors.
  • We assess our students’ impact on pre-K-12 pupil learning, including value-added measures.
  • We track the success of our graduates in obtaining and retaining teaching positions, and their effectiveness in the teaching and learning of their pupils.

You will find data from these evaluations on this website. 

External Recognition

Our methods and measures of evaluating our teachers-to-be are recognized at the highest levels. In 2013, our teacher education programs won the Frank B. Murray Award for Innovation and Excellence in Program Self-Study. 

The Murray Award, conferred by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC), recognizes excellence in the program’s investigation of (or inquiry into) the performance of the program’s candidates and completers, and in the capacity of the program’s quality control system to support programmatic improvement and excellence. 

TEAC has accredited our programs for the seven year period 2012-2019. You will find our full report on this website.

Research and Projects

This site also includes news about the applied research our faculty conduct on teaching and learning, and the school- and community-based projects in which our faculty and students are engaged.

Learn More

Please explore this website and learn more about the many ways we prepare, support, and evaluate our undergraduate and graduate students before they set out to teach our nation’s children.