Name:  Sea Lion
Scientific Name:  Zalophus californianus
Length: up to 230 cm
Weight: Males up to 250 kg
              Females up to 120 kg
The adult male sea lion is considerably larger than the adult female sea lion, having a sloping forehead, raised crown, and very thick neck.  The male sea lion’s  fur is dark brown and appears black when wet.  The adult female sea lion has a dog like muzzle and creamy brown fur, which appears dark brown when wet.
Sea lions form large colonies on sandy beaches.  Male sea lions are highly territorial, particularly during mating season which is from May to December.  Males take up to ten years to fully mature but are sexually active at about six or seven.  Females are fully mature between six and seven years old, but become sexually active at the age of three.  Immature males form discrete groups known as ‘bachelor colonies’.  
There are 32 indigenous species of mammal that have been recorded in the Galapagos.  The four types of mammal that occur in the Galapagos are Sea lions, Rodents, Bats, Whales and Dolphins.
Sea Lions