Sea Lions in the Galapagos are of the endemic subspecies wollebaeki of the California Sea lion.  Sea lions are commonly found in the shore zone but at times can be seen at sea away from land.  The Sea lion population is estimated to a number of 50,000.  Sea lions and fur seals are the most conspicuous mammals in the Galapagos.  They are easily distinguished by their large size, characteristic shape and webbed flippers.   Their voices are a variety of high pitched barking and yelping sounds.  Sea lions are very curious and playful in the water, and regularly engage in body-surfing.
Sea Lion Images
Female Sea Lions resting on  the Docks
Sea Lions playing in the Ocean
Sea Lions sunbathing on an abandoned boat
Sea lIons playing in the ocean
Sea Lion Pup feeding from its Mother
Sea Lion resting inland