3rd Floor Student Lounge Guidelines

Please read these guidelines in full. Your reservation request may be delayed or denied if you fail to supply the required details.

Student Events

All student events must be supported by a Steinhardt faculty sponsor, and the reservation request must come from that faculty member. Students may not reserve the 3rd floor student lounge without a sponsor.


The 3rd floor Student Lounge can accommodate 65 people in various configurations plus another 16 people along the periphery of the room.


There are 31 stacking chairs, 20 chairs on casters with tablet arms and 14 without tablet arms, as well as 16 lounge chairs around the perimeter. There are two 36” diameter tables on casters, seven 24” x 60” tables on casters, as well as three 30” x 72” folding tables that can be combined in different ways. If you need assistance setting up or returning furniture to its original configuration, please contact F&CM at www.nyu.edu/fcm/index.htm

Media Presentation

The 3rd floor Student Lounge is not equipped with either A/V equipment or computers for presentation (the room does contain 3 computers for student use). If you need to arrange for computer or A/V equipment, please contact Campus Media at www.nyu.edu/campusmedia. If you intend to use A/V equipment, please take into account set-up time, (and/or potential media projection problems) when scheduling the room.


The 3rd floor Student Lounge is available Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. for use by groups within or directly connected to NYU Steinhardt. Priority will be given to the Senate, Department meetings, and groups. The room is not available for classes.

Clean Up

Rooms must be cleaned and returned to their original condition immediately after use. This includes:

  • Removing all food, containers and debris from the Student Lounge immediately after your functions ends.
  • Picking up any items that have fallen to the carpet/floor.
  • Wiping tables/chairs clean of any spilled food/liquid.
  • Putting tables and chairs back as you found them
  • Neatly placing all items for catering pickup on a table.

Since the conference rooms are often reserved back-to-back, please factor in adequate time for clean-up.


For food deliveries: a group representative must be present 30 minutes prior to the start of the event to sign for and approve the order. Office staff will not take responsibility to sign for food orders. (Please keep in mind that most deliveries arrive earlier than scheduled). You must cover the table surfaces with plastic/paper tablecloths when catering.


The 3rd floor is a working office, so please keep noise level to a minimum. You are responsible for informing the meeting guests that cell phone use is prohibited in the main office space.

Additional Support

Adequate copies of any hard copy materials to be distributed at your event should be brought with you. Guests are not permitted to use the telephones or computers on the 3rd floor without consulting a 3rd floor permanent employee.