Science Education: Linking Science and Society

Department of Teaching and Learning

What's new and what's successful in science teaching and learning?

On April 29, 2009, colleagues and students of charismatic scientist and educator Cecily Selby gathered at a symposium to honor her legacy by highlighting the important breakthroughs science educators have made --in school and out-of-school--and to celebrate their passion for the sciences and their successes in communicating that passion to others. These thoughtful leaders, many Steinhardt alumni, shared best practices in presenting science in artistic, technological, environmental, meteorological, community, and personal contexts. Their common objective: to open sci-tech literacy and access to jobs and careers in science to all.

Dr. Selby brought her experience as a research biophysicist, college teacher, school principal, and director of corporate enterprises when she joined New York University as Professor of Science Education in 1984, following her chairmanship of New York State and national commissions. In 1983 Dr. Selby co-chaired the New York State and National Science Board commissions on K-12 science, mathematics and technology education, which produced the landmark NSB Report, Educating Americans for the Twenty-First Century.

The entire symposium is available for viewing as a streaming video. (Coming Soon.)