Snapshots of Steinhardt

All Access: Supporting Young Urban Artists

High School students celebrated their art at a recent opening at the Department of Art and Art Professions' Rosenberg Gallery. The students were part of All Access, a free six-week portfolio program for New York City's young artists, high school juniors and seniors who are interested in applying to art schools. Organized and launched this summer by Steinhardt graduate students and faculty, All Access provided fifteen students with classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as a portfolio seminar. The program's aim is to help each student assemble a portfolio and college application package that stresses the uniqueness of the artist's vision.

Through the help of the department, All Access students have gone on to intern with visual artist, Dasha Shishkin, performance artist Penny Arcade, as well as the Lower East Side Print Shop.

Jonathan Berger, an MFA student who helped organize the program sees All Access as a means to address issues of diversity, privilege, and opportunity in the art world. "Part of the reason that the formal art world is not so interesting right now is that there is a narrow bracket of people whose work is being looked at. If you believe that art is about ideas and the people who have them, diversity is fundamental to its advancement. What we're saying to the students is 'if you have the vision and creative drive, we can help you get the skills to support that vision."