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What does it mean to know a language? How do children acquire language? What do the languages of the world share in common? How is language instantiated in the brain, and how is language affected by brain damage? In the Science of Language, we will explore these questions and much more!

If you have questions, please send an email to Professor Adam Buchwald at buchwald@nyu.edu.

001 – Lec (15342), Monday & Wednesday, 3:30 – 4:45 PM

002 – Rct (19732), Thursday, 3:50 – 4:40 PM

003 – Rct (19733), Thursday, 4:55 – 5:45 PM

Graduate Student Workshops and Reception @ Bobst Library

Hello from the NYU Libraries:
As the fall semester kicks off, NYU Libraries is offering their annual series of Graduate Student workshops where you can learn everything from how to organize your bibliographies, to how to track down those tricky citations, to how to be a more effective research assistant (and much more). For the complete listing of these sessions, and to sign up, go to:
–> http://library.nyu.edu/grads
You can also get the new school year started right by joining us at their Annual Graduate Student Reception. It is a great opportunity to meet your subject librarian, as well as mingle with your fellow graduate students over some complimentary food and drinks. We will be giving away NYU Bookstore gift certificates to three lucky attendees. The reception will take place:
–> Thursday, September 15th, 6:00-7:30, 6th floor North Reading Room, Bobst library
Please RSVP by going to http://library.nyu.edu/grads
We look forward to meeting you and wish you the best of luck this semester!
— The NYU Libraries Graduate Student Working Group

LGBT Topics in Education: Identities, Coming Out and Current Issues in Schools

Are you curious about the LGBT experience?  Are you questioning how LGBT identities are created? How do you create an inclusive environment for LGBT people?  Maggie Fay, Research Assistant, Diversity Initiatives, will focus on LGBT experiences and the ways in which LGBT young people experience school in this course.

Fall 2011 Course # SOED-UE 1050, Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:15 pm.  Please contact the course instructor, Maggie Fay (maggie.fay@nyu.edu), with any questions.

All undergraduate students from all schools are welcome to enroll in this course.

The K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award – Deadline for Nominations: October 3, 2011

The K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award recognizes graduate students who show exemplary promise as future leaders of higher education; who demonstrate a commitment to developing academic and civic responsibility in themselves and others; and whose work reflects a strong emphasis on teaching and learning.

For more information please visit, http://www.aacu.org/meetings/annualmeeting/CrossAward.cfm?utm_source=meetings&utm_medium=blast&utm_campaign=2012cross1

Submitting Final Transcripts for Undergraduate Students

Dear Students,

Please remember to submit both, your final official high school and college transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 665 Broadway, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10012 – 2339.  When your final transcripts are received, your academic record will be updated, and will reflect your transfer credits from previous institutions.

Please feel free to contact, Belkis Baez at belkis.baez@nyu.edu if you have any questions.

Fall 2011 Course Announcements for Graduate Students

OT-GE 2332 (Class # 1459): Treating Children with Sensory Regulatory Dysfunction
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units: Day & Time: July 5-12; 9:00-3:00pm; Location: Education, Room 1101
Course Description:
Examine relevant literature and research findings that supports treatment
of children with sensory regulatory difficulties in a variety of settings.
Students’ clinical and educational experiences are used as a basis to
examine the efficacy and effectiveness of intervention.

SOED-GE 2097 (Class # 2597): Latinos in Urban Schools
Instructor: Eddie Fergus, Ph.D.; Email: edward.fergus@nyu.edu
Units; Day & Time: Monday 4:55-6:35pm; Location: 194 Mercer Street, Room 210
Course Description:
The growing presence of Latinos in US public schools, specifically urban schools, begs targeted examination of their learning and social outcomes. Though often referred to as a pan-ethnic label, Latinos represent a myriad of nationalities, racial classifications and immigrant generations from North and South America. This course is designed to introduce graduate students to the varying sociological explanations of how and why social demographic factors among Latinos (immigrant status, generation, skin color, gender, class, language ability, and national group) operate in learning and social outcomes. This will involve engaging substantive theories (e.g., social and cultural reproduction theories, status attainment, cultural ecological theory, urban culture theories, etc.) in their explanations of Latino students’ learning and social outcomes.

OT-GE 2335 (Class #3073): Successful Intervention in Schools
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units; Day & Time: Mondays 6:45-8:25; Location: Education, Room 1101
Course Description:
Examine interventions that have an impact on therapy in the classroom. Students learn to identify strategies and methods that will assist in designing intervention plans that can be implemented in a classroom. They research effective strategies for ensuring best practice in a wide variety of educational systems. The deadline to register for this course is: June 30, 2011

OT-GE 3306 (Class #3106) Advanced Assessment for the Practicing Therapist
Instructor: Dr. Kristie Koenig
3 Units; Day & Time: Tuesdays 3:30-5:25 PM; Location: Education, Room 1106
Course Description:
Selection and use of an evidence-based evaluation system to measure practice outcomes and interpret clinical change.  This process requires selecting the tools for assessment of function based on achieved validity and to accurately interpret observations and measurements. The deadline to register for this course is: June 30, 2011

Announcement from American Education Research Association

The AERA Graduate Student Council (GSC) is pleased to publicly announce the launch of its YouTube initiative. This initiative aims to use technology to broaden the dissemination and influence the way the GSC communicates with its constituents. The first video is now live and outlines pertinent information for Graduate Students who will be submitting a proposal for the first time. Subsequent videos will be released outlining what the GSC does for Graduate Students, as well as a host of other helpful topics for Graduate Students. If you have topics and/or information that you would like to see in future videos, please e-mail me (nhartlep@uwm.edu). We hope that you will have time to view the first video while you are crafting your proposal(s) for the 2012 AERA Annual Meeting to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Friday, April 13 – Tuesday, April 17, 2012. Please remember, "Non Satis Scire: To Know is Not Enough." See you in Vancouver!  Direct link to YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDeBZZwqMI0
Contact: Nicholas D. Hartlep, M.S.Ed., E-mail:  nhartlep@uwm.edu ; Website: www.uwm.edu/~nhartlep

Fall 2011 Course Announcements for Undergraduate Students

SOED-UE. 1050 (Class # 14508): LGBT Topics in Education: Identities, Coming Out and Current Issues in Schools
Instructor: Maggie Fay; Email: maggie.fay@nyu.edu
Units; Day & Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-3:15 pm; Location: Waverly 435
All undergraduate students from all schools are welcome to enroll in this course.
Course Description:
This course focuses on LGBT experiences and the ways in which LGBT young people experience school. The course is designed to help students develop vocabulary and a general understanding of LGBT identities, particularly as these identities are depicted through sexual identity development models and popular coming out narratives. The course also asks students to apply social theory to coming out narratives to gain a critical perspective on how LGBT identities are produced. Students will examine how schools have responded to issues relating to sexual and gender diversity. The course pays particular attention to obstacles to, and potential solutions for creating inclusive educational environments for LGBT people. In light of the past year’s spate of LGBT youth tragedies, the course will examine current issues including schools’ responses to bullying and the creation of additional support mechanisms for LGBT youth in schools. Please contact the course instructor, Maggie Fay (maggie.fay@nyu.edu), with any questions.