Allan Tucker, Associate Professor of Music at NYU, Recognized by Sonic Studio

“SoundBlade Power User and associate professor of music at New York University, Allan Tucker has been mastering with soundBlade and NoNOISE since the late ’80s at his renowned studio, Foothill Digital ( and TuckerSound in NYC. Some may remember that Allan was the infamous “Where’s Drago” on the band’s self-titled album “KISS” in 1974…” -Sonic Studio

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Professors Tae Hong Park and Langdon Crawford Present Low-Cost Mobile Music Expressive Methods

Professor Tae Hong Park and Langdon Crawford presented their low-cost musically expressive augmentation of mobile computing devices at the NYC Media Lab Mobile Futures event, on April 23rd, 2014. 

Originally presented at NIME and ICMC,  this research provides methods for temporary, non-destructive ways to make a cellphone or tablet more expressive as a musical controller with items you may find around the house or in your office.

See Prof. Crawford showing the elastic-band string interface here:
and here:

SWiTCH Spring Concert

Various Electroacoustic performances
NYU Global Center Auditorium (C95)
238 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012
Friday May 2nd, 2014
7:30 PM
Free and open to the public

SWiTCH and MARL Present: Sensory Optimization – Technology for Augmenting Our Personal Environments

New York University’s Society of Women in Technology (SWiTCH)
and Music and Audio Research Labs (MARL) Present:

Sensory Optimization: Technology for Augmenting Our Personal Environments
by Dr. Poppy Crum, Senior Scientist at Dolby Labs

Date: Friday April 25, 2014
Location: 35 W. 4th St. 6th Floor Conference Room
Time: 4PM

Our experience of the sensory world does not need to be constrained by  our physical limitations. When navigating the environment our senses  interact to perceive a robust non-veridical experience. Understanding  these interactions and being able to define them perceptually and  algorithmically allows technological developments that can facilitate  sensory enhancement and optimization. Examples include use of targeted neuroplasticity to modify our internal experiences, wearable personalized technologies for sensory augmentation, and  heightened virtual sensory experiences that elicit natural cross-modal percepts.

NYU Grad Swagg R’celious Hits #17 on Mediabase

The song “Amazing”, written and produced by our very own NYU graduate David “Swagg R’celious” Harris (MM ’10) for Gospel artist Livre, recently reached #17 on the Mediabase Gospel Charts. It has now been on the Top Charts for 2 weeks according to the Mediabase Charts, and seems to be continuing to climb.

NYU Music Tech Grads ‘Big Ups’ Go On First World Tour

“When Brooklyn band Big Ups hitch up to London for the first time, there’s an intense sense of occasion surrounding their live debut. It’s strange, given that ‘Eighteen Hours of Static’ is a couple of months post-release. Songs on their first record are some two, three years old too. But that’s how these things work. Even when releases are key and timing’s sacred, great bands get their moment eventually…” Read more about NYU Music Tech Grads Big Ups and their first world tour here.

Master’s Thesis Defense Schedule

The Master’s thesis defense schedule is below. All presentations will be in the conference room on the 6th floor at 35 West 4th St.

At the end of each evening, there will be a 30 minute demo session.

Monday, December 16
Time Student Thesis title
3:30 Illia Balashov Upmixing audio for mobile devices
4:05 David Bokil Listener Preference for Music Processed with Dynamic Range Compression Across Different In-Ear Headphone Models and Music Samples
4:40 Hariharan Mohanraj PET Brain Scan Sonification to Supplement the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease
5:15-5:30 BREAK
5:30 Tsai-Yi Wu Listening with Realism: Sound Stage Extension for Laptop Speakers
6:05 Seok Bin Oh Live Electronic Music Performance: Dancers with Wearable Musical Instruments
6:40-7:10 DEMOS
Tuesday, December 17
Time Student Thesis title
3:30 Celeste Robinson Portable Isolation Cube (P.I.C): A Portable Method for Isolating Audio for Single Microphone Recording
4:05 James Keary A New Technique for Capturing True Coincidence in Ambisonic Microphone Arrays
4:40 Xenia Ghali A Study of the Turntable in DJ Performance
5:15 Yongjin Hwang The impact of electronic guitar amp placement on the timbre of recorded guitar sound in a small room
5:50 Douglass Moss Give Life Back To Music: Segmented Tempo Variation Mapping Based on Song Structure
6:25 Tlacael Esparza Computational Rhythm Similarity Development and Verification Through Deep Networks and Musically Motivated Analysis
7:00 Amar Lal Towards Interaction with Audio Continuators: Creating New Music with Variable-Length Markov Chains Trained on Features Extracted from Audio
7:35 Ethan Hein The Drum Loop
8:10 Yuan Wang “Dislocation and Relocation”: Enhancing Expressivity of Interactive Music Performance with a Multidimensional Tactile Interface
8:45-9:15 DEMOS

“Working in Circles” SWiTCH/MARL Event with Special Guest Michelle Temple

NYU Society of Women in Technology(SWiTCH) together with MARL will have its final event for the semester on:
Friday December 6th at 4PM in the Conference Room (35 W. 4th St).
Reception to follow.
Special Guest Speaker will be Michelle Temple.

Title: Working in Circles

Michelle will share some of her tricks to learning circuitry and demonstrate some of her favorite circuits she uses when teaching Printed Circuit Board(PCB) fabrication. She will share some of her latest projects and inspirations and speak about how her artists’ eye has informed her work in designing analog audio circuits, teaching and assistive technology.

Michelle holds a master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications program(ITP). She is the owner of Temple M., her own art, fabrication and prototyping studio in Brooklyn, NY and continues her research in audio technology as a visiting scholar and inventor at NYU.