Steinhardt’s Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Center Receives Research Grant for Collaboration with NYU Rusk

NYU Steinhardt’s Nordoff Robbins Center for Music Therapy has received the American Music Therapy Association’s Arthur Flagler Fultz Award.  The $15,000 research award is in support of the center’s ongoing research study on post-stroke recovery with NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilition Medicine’s Motor Recovery Lab. According to statistics, approximately 795,000 cases of stroke occur annually […]

Research Alliance Shows $80 Million Data System Offers Limited Help with Day-to-Day Teaching

A study released by the Research Alliance for New York City Schools finds that The City’s Achievement Reporting and Innovation System (ARIS), an $80-million data system built to make schools more data-driven and to focus attention on the achievement outcomes for which they are being held accountable, is being used largely as a school-wide planning tool and much less […]

MCC’s Latest “Inside the Internet Garage” Series Welcomes Father of “Web 2.0,” Tim O’Reilly, on Oct. 25

The fourth installment of the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication’s “Inside the Internet Garage” will kick-off with famous computer publisher, digital intellectual, and originator of the phrase “Web 2.0,” Tim O’Reilly. “Inside the Internet Garage” traces the history of Internet media and explores society’s networked future with some of the industry’s most accomplished contributors. “Tim […]

In the New York Times: Joshua Aronson on Stereotype Threat

Joshua Aronson, an associate professor of the Department of Applied Psychology, was the subject of ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You,’ a New York Times opinion article written by Annie Murphy Paul.  A leader in investigating the effects of social forces on academic achievement, Aronson dentified a phenomenon known as “stereotype threat,” with psychologist Claude Steele. Murphy […]

The CMJ Sessions @ NYU Offer a New Spin on the Business of Music

Students at NYU Steinhardt are helping to advance the careers of emerging indie bands through a new partnership with CMJ. The CMJ Sessions @ NYU offers music business students a chance to serve as talent scouts, artistic directors, and collaborators with bands during the recording and mixing processes. Old Monk describes its sound as “frenzied […]

At New Student Convocation, Students Find a Novel Helps Them Understand Their Lives

Steinhardt’s new students came together for a special seminar hosted by Patricia Carey, associate dean of student affairs.  The New Student Convocation was the culminating discussion on The Tiger’s Wife, required reading for all new and transfer students. “We thought The Tiger’s Wife would serve as a wonderful metaphor to shape our discussion about issues […]

Steinhardt Study Says Yoga Regimen Boosts Socialization, Body-Mind Connection, and Focus Among Autistic Students

Step one: Mats out. Step two: breathe deep. Step three: assume poses. Step four: tense and relax muscles. Step five: sing. According to a study by NYU Steinhardt researcher, Kristie Koenig, these five steps, 17 minutes a day, five days a week, for 16 weeks, resulted in a significant decrease in aggressive behavior, social withdrawal, […]