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Evaluating the Expanded Success Initiative

About The Expanded Success Initiative (ESI)

Nationwide, Black and Latino males are more likely than their peers to experience numerous negative educational outcomes, such as being suspended or expelled from school, being held back a grade, or dropping out. They are less likely gain admission into academic honors programs, to graduate from high school, or to enroll in college.

In August 2011, New York City launched the Young Men’s Initiative, a combination of new programs and policy reforms designed to mitigate the higher rates of poverty, incarceration, and unemployment among young Black and Latino men. Of the $127 million being invested in this effort, $24 million is dedicated to the Expanded Success Initiative (ESI), which aims to increase college readiness and other key outcomes for Black and Latino male students in the City. A substantial part of that funding is going to supporting the development and expansion of programming in 40 NYC high schools, with the ultimate goal of identifying and disseminating successful practices that might be scaled up to other schools across the district.

About Our Evaluation

The Research Alliance, in collaboration with MDRC, is undertaking a mixed-method longitudinal evaluation of ESI. Our study aims to answer the following questions:

  • What services and supports are planned and implemented under ESI? What challenges do schools confront as they implement the new ESI services, and how do they address those challenges?
  • What is the impact of ESI on attendance rates, academic performance, progress toward graduation, and college readiness of Black and Latino young men?
  • How does participation in ESI effect key social and emotional competencies, including persistence, response to challenge, "grit," and measure of "college knowledge" of Black and Latino young men?
Related Publications

Promising Opportunities for Black and Latino Young Men: Findings from the Early Implementation of the Expanded Success Initiative (2014).

Moving the Needle: Exploring Key Levers to Boost College Readiness Among Black and Latino Males in New York City (2013).

Interactive Graphics: College Readiness, College Enrollment, and High School Graduation Rates in NYC.

Preparing Black and Latino Young Men for College and Careers: A Description of the Schools and Strategies in NYC’s Expanded Success Initiative (2013).

Interactive map: A Snapshot of the ESI Schools.

Key Staff & Collaborators

Adriana Villavicencio, Sarah KlevanTony Laing, David Kang, Michael Segeritz, Lori Nathanson, Brandon Guidry, Suzanne Wulach, Camille Lafayette, Jasmine Soltani, Dyuti Bhattacharya, Crystal Byndloss (MDRC), Rekha Balu (MDRC), and William Corrin (MDRC).








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