Registration Guidelines

  • Meet with your advisor to choose courses – make sure your advisor signs and dates your Registration Worksheet that lists your course schedule. Add course call numbers and any access codes that are required to complete your registration. (Your advisor will tell you where to obtain access codes.)
  • Ask your advisor to make sure you are active in the registration system and to clear you to register.
  • Ask your advisor to notify you if there are any registration holds on your record. (You may check for any holds on Albert prior to your advisement meeting and discuss them at that time.)
  • Speak to your advisor about any financial aid or visa restrictions that apply to you and the minimum number of units for which you must be registered. Graduate students should speak to advisors regarding equivalency credit.
  • Register on Albert through NYUHome. Verify your schedule, match course numbers and course titles and review the number of units for each course within the first week of classes.
  • Waitlisted courses must be checked daily because you will not be notified by the University when registered into a waitlisted course. Automatic waitlist registration will end the first day of the third week of classes. Make sure you adjust your schedule by dropping or adding courses, if necessary, once you are registered into a waitlisted course.
  • Check for classroom locations at NYUHome at the start of each day during the first week of classes.
  • Refer to the University Bursar website for payment deadlines.

Registration Procedures After On-Line Registration (Albert) Ends

Albert, the on-line registration system, closes for registration at the end of the second week of a Fall or Spring term (for Summer registration see the deadlines the Academic Calendar). When Albert is no longer available for registration, the procedures are:

  • Obtain and completely fill out a Registration Worksheet for an initial registration or a Drop/Add form to add or drop courses to your schedule.
  • Take the completed worksheet or drop/add form to your advisor for signature. If you are adding courses outside your department or have the course instructor sign either the worksheet or a Course Permission form.
  • Next, bring the form(s) for an approval signature to Advisement and Registration Services, 82 Washington Square East, Pless Hall, 2nd floor.
  • Once you have obtained all required signatures, take the form to the Student Services Center at 25 West 4th Street, 1st floor, where the University Registrar will process the form.
  • Once you complete this process, we recommend that you log onto Albert to verify the transaction and to check your schedule to locate room assignments.