Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Lauren Lexa

Music Education

Community service activity I'm most proud of:
Singing Christmas Carols at nursing homes around the holidays
Dream study abroad location:
Florence! i'm here right now!
Guilty pleasure:
Country music! i'm a city girl, but I have a little rural in me.
Why I chose this program:
Music has always played such a key role in my life. Being a musician was always going to be in the cards for me. Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want out of their lives from a young age. The education component came out of being
Childhood ambition:
I really wanted to be a gymnast! I was obsessed with the olympics and the incredible acts that those athletes can do.
Biggest challenge:
Writing the Essay! While I love creative writing, I had a really hard time grasping the type of writing that this class focused on. I spent long hours at the writing center, editing, and revising.
Hidden talent:
Tap Dancing! I took tap classes for about 13 years of my life.
My favorite place to have coffee around NYU:
Starbucks! The fact that they take my dining dollars makes it a neccessary pit stop in the morning.
A book from class I would never sell back:
Melodia -- it's been an essential for improving my aural skills since high school.
My dream job when I graduate:
Staying in New York City to teach music at the United Nations International High School.
Best vacation:
Hopefully it will be Vienna, Austria. i'm going in about a month!
I would like to be remembered for my:
leadership, drive, and compassion.
Most influential person during my college career at NYU:
Cathy Benedict. Her "Foundations of Music Education" class really changed the way I look at the educational system. Her influence helped me develop my philosophy on music education.
What I do to de-stress:
I go to a free yoga session at Yoga to the People!
If I could have lunch with any person, dead or alive, I'd choose:
Abraham Lincoln. His leadership changed the United States forever. I would love to ask him about his leadership, courage, and decision-making skills.

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Steinhardt Undergraduate Orientation Leader, Peer Advisor for NYU in Florence, Steinhardt Leadership Scholarship, Dean's List, Accepted to Dean's Travel Colloqium
Community Service and Other Activities:
Helping out with high school music classes when on winter break and spring break, Donating my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, Singing at nursing homes during the holidays, Involvement with Key Club & National Honors Society (High School), Volunteering with the Special Olympics (High School)