Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Kyle Moffatt

English Education

Community service activity I'm most proud of:
Eagle Scout with Boy Scouts of America
Dream study abroad location:
Paris, France
Guilty pleasure:
The Office, Insomnia Cookies
Why I chose this program:
I have a natural ability to lead and thought I should put it to good use.
Childhood ambition:
Attain Superpowers
Biggest challenge:
Moving to New York from Texas
Hidden talent:
I know my way around a kitchen
My favorite place to have coffee around NYU:
The Bean, 1st Ave & 3rd St.
A book from class I would never sell back:
The Hudson Book of Fiction
My dream job when I graduate:
Editor-in-Chief of GQ Magazine
Best vacation:
Bahamas last summer with my family
I would like to be remembered for my:
Sincerity, Honesty and Wit
Most influential person during my college career at NYU:
Rebecca Packer
What I do to de-stress:
Play the guitar, roam the city
If I could have lunch with any person, dead or alive, I'd choose:
Paul McCartney

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Garland, Texas
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Eagle Scout Order of the Arrow Various musical awards for both solo and ensemble performances in voice and big band (saxophone and guitar)
Community Service and Other Activities:
Various projects with the BSA YMCA Swim lessons Hearts & Hammers