Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Joanna Macellaro

Early Childhood Education and Special Education

Dream study abroad location:
Ghana (i'm living the dream right now!)
Favorite Book (please include author):
Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman
My hidden talent:
I can Irish Step dance!
Three things I have with me at all times:
NYU id, keys, and a pen.
When I hear the word "genius," I think of:
A 7 year old boy I taught in science camp who loved science so much, he read every science book he could get his hands on. He asked questions about everything, and had the most amazing insights.
My favorite study spot at NYU:
Starbucks @ Faye's
Most adventurous thing I've ever done:
Being the first person in my family to go away to college...after being homeschooled my whole life.
Community service I am most proud of:
I am currently volunteering with the State School for the Deaf in Ghana
Childhood ambition:
To be an artist, dancer, and teacher.
Guilty pleasure:
Maruchan Ramen
My favorite thing about NYC:
How people feel free to express themselves in so many different ways - it brings the city to life.
Most influential person during my college career at NYU:
My cousin, Joey. When he decides to do something, he makes it happen and doesn't let anything stop him.
Biggest challenge:
Finding a good social network on campus...I tend to be very quiet and it can be hard to find friends on campus if you don't reach out to people.
Dream job when I graduate:
Teaching young deaf children and leading an art and dance program.

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Rocky Point, Long Island
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
I have had so many wonderful opportunities at NYU, including being on the Dean's List, being selected for Steinhardt WoMen's Choir, winning the Benjamin Gilman scholarship for study abroad...and going to Ghana!
Community Service and Other Activities:
I have taught science classes to children in day cares in the summer, taken care of babies in church nurseries, delivered food and gifts to the homeless and needy for the holidays, painted NYC public schools with PubliColor, and now I am volunteering with the State School for the Deaf in Ghana. I plan on doing even more while i'm here, like volunteering in orphanages and helping organize fundraising events.