Undergraduate Student Spotlights

Carly Gilfoil

Nutrition and Dietetics

What I do to de-stress:
bake bread and cook dinner for my roommates.
I would like to be remembered for my:
daring to try anything.
My favorite course at NYU:
Writing the Essay ! Though it may be a surprise to many an undergrad, I enjoyed the challenge of the class and grew through it.
Community service activity I'm most proud of:
volunteering to mascot for small groups of kids who come to visit NYU through College Connection..
After I graduate, I:
change the way we look at food.
Why I chose this program at NYU Steinhardt:
it combines so many of my interests--science, food, politics, psychology--in a way
A book from class I would never sell back:
Food Politics by Marion Nestle.
My inspiration:
Bella Abzug and Sylvia Rivera.
My favorite place to study around NYU:
9th floor of Kimmel looking out on Washington Square
If I took a year off from my current life, I would:
Learn to cook in Italy and France.
Prized possession:
my education.
The professor who influenced me the most:
Marylouise Oates. Dean Pat Carey. All my professors leave a different and lasting impression.

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Little Falls, New Jersey.
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Steinhardt Leadership Award, Steinhardt Scholars, Deans Grant for Undergraduate Research winner.
Community Service and Other Activities:
College Connection, Outspoken peer education.