Graduate Student Spotlights

Karen Kattan

Nutrition and Dietetics

Briefly tell us why you chose your program:
I recently graduated from New York University's Nutrition and Dietetics Program with a minor in Business and knew this is what I wanted to major in so I decided to apply to the master's program and am currently working towards my RD degree. In the past I was an intern at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, worked for Tanya Zuckerbrot, as well as the Clinton Foundation working to help fight childhood obesity, and as a trainer for Equinox. I enjoy cooking, baking, and coming up with healthy recipes. In addition, I love yoga, boot camp classes, and running and hope to eventually run the NYC marathon. I feel that nutrition is a job that will give me an opportunity to combine my passion of exercise, health, and cooking and i hope that i will be able to inspire others to lead healthier lifestyles as well.
My inspiration is:
My Grandmother who overcame various obstacles in her life, including cancer and immigrating due to religious persecution. She is one of my strongest inspirations, she is always there to provide me with encouragement and very useful advice.
I would like to be remembered for:
Making a difference in the lives of those who were once not happy with themselves and thier unhealthy lifestyles. I would like to give them the ability to take control of their own eating and exercise habits.
Something I collect:
I used to collect stamps and money/coins from around the world
Why I went to Graduate School:
To further my education and broaden my horizons. I want to be able to educate everyone on the importance of leading a healthier lifestyle and hopefully overcome the obesity epidemic.
My best job ever:
interning at a dietetic private practice in NYC.
A hobby I have is:
I enjoy running and exercising, its a great outlet for stress relief and helping me stay fit.
The professor who influenced me the most:
my high school biology teacher, Lonny Benamy
My favorite place to study is:
My room, its usually the place where i can concentrate the most.
My best commuity service experience:
leading the youth program at my local synogauge. i get to give over some inspirational words and advice to younger girls who live in the same community as i do.
My secret passion is:
baking (yes, i know im a nutritionist)
If I could take a year off I would:
travel the world.

Background Information

Where you grew up:
New York, NY
What are your plans after you graduate?
To work PT at a hospital and start building my private practice
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Deans List
Community Service and Other Activities:
-Healthy Eating Workshop and Cooking class at my local synagogue -E. J. Safra Synagogue · Founder and Coordinator of the children's Program. Develop and lead year round curriculum for weekly services and monthly events and trips -Memorial Sloan Ketterin