Graduate Student Spotlights

Jacklynn Stern

English Education

Briefly tell us why you chose your program:
NYU Steinhardt's program seemed to be the most fitting and real, especially as a future teacher who wants to work in New York City and in the public school system. Courses offered at Steinhardt included a variety that would help me become the teacher I always hoped to be, but even better. Additionally, the program is very knowledgeable about the diverse population and cultures that are within the classroom as well as created at each different school. As a result, they try to help students better understand the way the schools function in the city, and find student teaching placements that offer both variety and awareness to the different educational cultures that exist in different schools.
My inspiration is:
If I could change the world, I would:
Fix the Education Systems that exist beginning with America's
Something I collect:
Why I went to Graduate School:
I went to Graduate School to learn more about the education system and teaching pedagogies that will better help me become a teacher.
The best gift I've ever received:
My cousin's necklace from my Aunt and Uncle (She passed away)
My biggest challenge is:
My biggest challenge is to stay focused and motivated about only one activity I am involved in, rather than becoming involved with other activities at the same time.
The professor who influenced me the most:
Dr. Robert Daley (University at Buffalo)
How I take my coffee:
Black with one sweet and low
The most adventurous thing I've ever done is:
Travel Abroad to Spain impulsively from England
My secret passion is:
What I do to de-stress:
Light Candles

Background Information

Where you grew up:
Levittown, New York
What are your plans after you graduate?
I plan to teach in New York City and eventually go back to school for a second degree in administration
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Greek Female Award -University at Buffalo English Honors - University at Buffalo Leadership Award from Center for Student Leadership and Development- University at Buffalo Mortor Board National College Senior Honor Society UB Star- University at Buffalo Most Spirited Participant- StayUp UB- University at Buffalo
Community Service and Other Activities:
Pace University Community and Volunteer Mobilization Experience Americorps Program- Education Advocate ( English Tutor, College-Essay Writing Assistant, SAT Tutor)