Graduate Student Spotlights

Elena Song

Foreign Language Education and TESOL 

Briefly tell us why you chose your program:
Because I wanted to give my full measure of devotion to receive the best education with the purpose of offering the best teaching to my future students.
My favorite course:
Adv. Spanish
My biggest challenge is:
Teaching because it's new every time I do it
My favorite blog:
Why I went to Graduate School:
Because I longed for more education of what I want to do for the rest of my life
The worst gift I've ever received:
A gift given with no thought at all
The most obscure research I've ever done:
A research paper with no topic ( we had to decide the topic which made the paper extremely broad)
The professor who influenced me the most:
Irma Llorens
What I do to de-stress:
Sing aloud
The place I would most like to visit is:
My secret passion is:
My favorite line from a song is:
Que tengo que hacer

Background Information

Where you grew up:
What are your plans after you graduate?
Teach in NYC or wherever God sends me
Honors, Awards, and Achievements:
Golden key International Honour Society Peter F. Vallone Scholarship Seek Leader in recognition of academic achievement awards Academic Scholar in recognition of significant Achievement award
Community Service and Other Activities:
I served at a Nursing home in Bayside before. I go to Mexico every other year to provide the unfortunate little Mexican kids education that they have barely received.