Featured Alumni Profiles

Julie O'Sullivan Maillet

The 2001 Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award was presented to Julie O’Sullivan Maillet. Dr. Maillet earned her PhD from what is now the School’s Department of Nutrition and Food Studies in 1989. She has served as associate dean for academic affairs and research at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey since 1992, and as chair of its Department of Primary Care since 1989.

Since graduating from NYU, Dr. Maillet has become nationally recognized as a distinguished dietetic educator. Most recently, she was elected president of the American Dietetics Association, an organization with nearly 70,000 members. She has also served as president of the New Jersey Dietetic Association and on numerous professional committees. Dr. Maillet’s many publications focus on topics such as dietetic education and ethical concerns surrounding patient care.

Among Dr. Maillet’s awards are the UMDNJ Excellence Award for Education and the Award for Excellence: Dietetic Education, American Dietetic Association. Her research currently focuses on interactive learning; she holds several grants in Web-based course design, and is a member of the New Jersey Virtual University Design Team.