Featured Alumni Profiles

Alan Lee

BS '95, Nutrition and Dietetics

“At NYU, my nutrition and dietetics course work and clinical experience prepared me for all areas of the field, including community and clinical nutrition, fitness and sports nutrition, and food preparation and service. In addition, my liberal arts courses helped me to learn how to analyze and to communicate effectively on many topics. All these experiences proved to be excellent preparation for my positions as associate supervising dietician at Bellevue Hospital Center and clinical nutritionist at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center. In my current work as a consultant, freelance writer, professional speaker, and private practice dietician, I specialize in HIV nutrition and also help people battling obesity, diabetes, cancer, and eating disorders.”


Alan Lee, who graduated from NYU in 1995 with a major in nutrition and dietetics, is currently a nutrition and fitness consultant for Housing Works, a community-based organization providing services to homeless New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS, and also lectures extensively on fitness and nutrition.