Policies and Procedures

Advisement and Registration Services

Academic Advisement

Kate Legnetti, Director,
Advisement and Registration Services
212-998-5053, kate.legnetti@nyu.edu

Linda Chin, Assistant Director,
Advisement and Registration Services
212-998-5053, linda.chin@nyu.edu

Belkis Baez, Undergraduate Student Advisor
212-998-9031, belkis.baez@nyu.edu

Advisement in the Steinhardt School is integral to the academic experience and is organized departmentally and by program. Undergraduate and graduate students are admitted to the Steinhardt School to pursue a chosen major. Advisement provides the framework for educational planning and assessing progress toward educational, personal, and career goals. See more detailed information regarding the advisement process. The most important person to meet with for academic advisement is your department program advisor.

Go to Advisement And Registration Services for:

  • Change of curriculum
  • Permission to take courses off campus
  • Domestic and study abroad programs
  • Permission to declare a minor/major/double major
  • Undergraduate reevaluation of transfer credit
  • Substitution forms

International Student Advisement

Nicholas Voelker
Student Services Counselor
212-998-9149, nicholas.voelker@nyu.edu

Staff meet with international students and nonnative speakers of English with refugee or permanent resident status prior to their first registration.

Go to the international student advisor for:

  • Preadvisement
  • English competency testing information
  • Orientation
  • Information about the New International Student Seminar (SAHS-GE 2003)
  • General academic information
  • Assistance with issues specific to international students

Special Student (Nondegree) Advisement

Doctoral Level: Nancy Hall, Coordinator, Office of Graduate Studies
212-998-5044, nancy.hall@nyu.edu

Master's Level: Mark Perez, Certification Advisor
212-998-5033, mark.perez@nyu.edu

Undergraduate Level: Linda Chin, Assistant Director, Advisement and Registration Services
212-998-5053, linda.chin@nyu.edu

A nondegree student (nonmatriculant) is one who is enrolled for course work but is not a degree candidate. Requirements for admission are the same as those for degree candidates, and all course work must be taken for credit. No auditing is permitted. Applications for admission may be obtained from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 665 Broadway, 11th Floor, or the Office of Graduate Admissions, Pless Hall, 3rd Floor. Clearance to register must be obtained for each semester's registration. After obtaining the permit to register, nondegree students meet with a special student advisor. See detailed information regarding the registration process.

Go to the special student advisor for:

  • General advisement and registration clearance

Teacher Certification

Mark Perez, Certification Advisor
212-998-5033, mark.perez@nyu.edu
Contact the certification advisor with any concerns you may have that cannot be answered by your departmental certification liaison.

Go to the certification advisor for:

  • Information on education statutes, requirements, and certification in other states
  • Information on teacher certification requirements
  • Requirements for New York State Teacher Certification Examinations

Graduate Studies

Nancy Hall, Coordinator, Office of Graduate Studies
212-998-5044, nancy.hall@nyu.edu

After you enroll as a master's or doctoral student, all matters affecting graduate status are processed through this office. Find out more information

Go to the Office Of Graduate Studies for:

  • Approval forms for master's thesis
  • Applications for doctoral candidacy
  • Directions for filing doctoral dissertation
  • Extension/reinstatement/rematriculation information and materials
  • Filing advisor's written requests for exemption/submission of degree requirements
  • Formation of dissertation committee
  • Applications for Doctoral Student Travel Fund
  • Applications for Pre-Doctoral Summer Research grant
  • Doctoral Handbook
  • Graduate transfer credit

Special Programs

Community College Transfer Opportunity Program (CCTOP); Jacqueline McPhillips, Director
Pless Hall, 2nd Floor, 212-998-5139, jackie.mcphillips@nyu.edu
CCTOP recruits and provides general advisement and scholarship support for students transferring from metropolitan-area community colleges.

NYU Opportunity Programs (HEOP/CSTEP); Angela Ellis-Jones, Student Services Counselor
Pless Hall, 2nd Floor, 212-998-5679; angela.ellis@nyu.edu
Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP)
Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)
18 Washington Place, 212-998-5667
HEOP/CSTEP provides preadvisement, academic advisement, personal counseling, tutoring, and educational workshops for students enrolled through these programs.

Professional Studies (PRST) Program
Belkis Baez, Undergraduate Student Advisor
212-998-9031, belkis.baez@nyu.edu

Undergraduates in their senior year who have not met departmental requirements for their original course of study are referred to, and may graduate through, the Professional Studies Program, following a liberal arts curriculum.

Registration Services

Kate Legnetti, Director
Registration Services
212-998-5054, kate.legnetti@nyu.edu  

Registration for both graduate and undergraduate students is completed through Albert, the online student information system, at www.albert.nyu.edu, and the most important person to see about registration is your advisor. You may also find answers to your questions in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area of www.steinhardt.nyu.edu/registration.

Go to Registration Services in Pless Hall for:

  • Course permission forms
  • Deferred tuition payment
  • Drop/add course forms
  • Incomplete grade forms
  • Independent study forms
  • Pass/fail option forms