NYU Partnership School Program

  • Frank Pignatosi Letter - Partnership schools
    Dear Liaison: One of the benefits of being an NYU Partnership School is a flexible tuition award program for your school’s faculty and staff. The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offers you the opportunity to distribute tuition credits for courses at New York Uni... Read More
  • Great World Texts
    Great World Texts is a collaboration between Writing Program faculty and students, and New York City public high school teachers and students. Each year we choose a canonical work or "contemporary classic," and develop complementary multimedia classroom resources. Through a special tutorial, underg... Read More
  • Lee Frissell Letter - Introducing the NYU College Connection Program
    Dear Colleague, We invite you to schedule visits for 5th - 9th-grade classes at your school for an NYU College Connection tour. College Connection visits are designed to give students an immediate and personal taste of college. Often students don't think about college until their junior o... Read More
  • Memorandum of Understanding - NYU Partnership School
    Memorandum of Understanding Joint Aims To make a significant contribution to the PARTNERSHIP SCHOOL professional community of practice, and thereby benefit the learning and achievement of PARTNERSHIP SCHOOL students. To better prepare NYU students to teach well and become thoughtful and account... Read More