NYU Partnership School Program

Frank Pignatosi Letter - Partnership schools

Dear Liaison:

One of the benefits of being an NYU Partnership School is a flexible tuition award program for your school’s faculty and staff. The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development offers you the opportunity to distribute tuition credits for courses at New York University to those members of your faculty and staff who you believe would most benefit from this program. Instead of automatically going to the cooperating teacher exclusively, the tuition credits generated in your school go into one account, and you will be able to draw on those credits according to your school’s educational goals, needs, and priorities subject to the following guidelines:

  • If your school uses the traditional model of one student teacher assigned to a cooperating teacher, we encourage you to give cooperating teachers the first opportunity to receive tuition waivers.
  • If the cooperating teachers are not interested in using tuition waivers, we urge you consider other faculty members or staff who have worked with NYU students doing their pre-student teaching field work. Any award recipient must be currently employed by your school.
  • Since these resources are being provided to your school as a mentoring community, and resources for mentoring should be a community decision, we ask that your School Leadership Team create and approve the plan for distributing tuition awards.
  • Some schools are working with us to develop “whole-school mentoring models,” where the focus of responsibility shifts from an individual cooperating teacher to a team of teachers. Other schools are pairing teams of student teachers with teams of cooperating teachers. These models provide endless flexibility for tuition awards.
  • NYU will work with Partnership Schools to plan for effective placement opportunities for NYU student teachers, and to experiment with placement practices in ways that suit Partnership School needs and contribute to Partnership aims. For each student teacher placement, it will compensate with 3 credits, e.g., if your faculty supervises 15 of our students during the course of one term, your school earns 45 free tuition credits.
  • Any credits accrued beginning with the Fall 2011 semester are valid for one year. All unused credits from previous semesters are still valid for one year from the semester of their maturation.

As a Partnership School, you are entitled to a variety of options:

  • Registration in any Master’s-level course at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development;
  • Registration in a non-credit-bearing course, of a cost not superior to $600, at the School for Continuing and Professional Studies; each course will cost one (1) credit;
  • A non-credit bearing course at the NYU Steinhardt Ruth W. Horowitz Center for Teacher Development; OR
  • Custom-tailored professional development depending on Steinhardt faculty availability and expertise.


  • If you choose to assign credits to individuals, please see below.
  • If, instead, you opt for a professional development course, please contact Rosa Pietanza, Coordinator of Partnership Schools, rp1018@nyu.edu.

Enclosed are two documents,

  1. list of all the student teachers assigned to your school according to our records; please review the list and make sure it is accurate.
  2. A form to the designation of the tuition awardees for the upcoming semester.
    1. Please list the names and addresses (home or school) of all those who have been designated as recipients of the free tuition awards.
    2. Please specify the number of credits each teacher or staff member is to be awarded.
    3. The maximum number of credits that can be awarded to a faculty or staff member is 6 per semester. They may not be transferred to a person not employed by your school.
    4. Please do not designate a recipient unless they intend to use the credits in the immediate upcoming semester (fall, spring, summer).
    5. All designated awardees will receive letters and an instruction packet detailing the process for redeeming these credits. Awardees may take courses ONLY at the NYU Schools listed in the instruction packet. Awardees must follow all admission and registration policies of the school in which they intend to take courses.
    6. Registration fees will be covered by NYU Steinhardt.
    7. Please send the list of names and addresses via mail to:

Ed Goodgold
Office of the Dean
The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
82 Washington Square East, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Or scan the list and send via e-mail to:

Ed Goodgold

IMPORTANT: Due to the constraints of internal NYU deadlines and policies, to ensure that all awardees may register in a timely fashion for courses, it is important that ALL awardees be included on a single list and not sent in separately.

If you have any questions, please call Ed Goodgold at 212 998-5349.


Frank Pignatosi
Director of the Office of Clinical Studies