NYU Partnership School Program

  • Curriculum Projects Petrie Partnership 2008-2009
    Partnership for Teacher Excellence Curriculum Projects 2008-2009 Principals of Chemistry: A lesson study approach to developing a new course for high school chemistry teachers Project leaders: Burt Goldberg and Neville Kallenbach This project involves a partnership among the NYU Chemistry Departm... Read More
  • NYC Partnership for Teacher Excellence
    NYC Partnership for Teacher Excellence (Petrie) 2006-2009 The NYC Partnership for Teacher Excellence brings together The City University of New York (CUNY), New York University (NYU, including the Steinhardt School of Education and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences) and the NYC Department of Educati... Read More
  • PTE Host School Visits NYU - Ed Crowe report June 2008
    The PTE evaluator visited four New York University host schools. Visits were arranged by NYU staff, in cooperation with host school liaisons and school administrators at all four schools. Appreciation is expressed to Rosa Pietanza for her help in setting up the visits and for making the school vis... Read More
  • Teachers for a New Era Final Report
    The Effects of Multiple-Perspective Assessment Upon Student Teachers and Their Pupils TNE Mini-Grant Contract 3571-00/EOC 6820 Final Report - July 31, 2007 I. BACKGROUND Overview This TNE mini-grant was used to address the demand for accountability of traditional teacher-education prog... Read More