Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health

Food Studies

Minor in Food Studies (for All Majors)


Required Courses
FOOD-UE 0071 Food Issues of Contemporary Societies 3
NUTR-UE 0085 Introduction to Foods and Food Science 3
FOOD-UE 1051 Food and Identity 4
Elective Options: 6 Points*:
 *CAS Students must take: ANTH-UA 1 Human Society and Culture (4) and a 2-point course from the list to complete their requirements.
NUTR-UE 0091 Food Management Theory 3
NUTR-UE 1025 Beverages 3
FOOD-UE 1033 Food Systems:  Food and Agriculture in the Twentieth Century 3
FOOD-UE 1130 Communications Workshop in Food and Nutrition 2
FOOD-UE 1135 Essentials of Cuisine 3
FOOD-UE 1180 Food and Nutrition in Global Society 4
FOOD-UE 1183 Techniques of Regional Cuisine a 2
FOOD-UE 1204 Food in the Arts 2
FOOD-UE 1210 Introduction to Food History 2
FOOD-UE 1217 Advanced Foodsa 3
FOOD-UE xxxx With permission, other electives offered by the Department  

a Prerequisite: NUTR-UE 0085