Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health


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    Required Courses
    NUTR-UE 0085 Introduction to Foods and Food Science 3
    NUTR-UE 119 Nutrition and Health 3
    NUTR-UE 1068 Introduction to Human Physiology* 4
    NUTR-UE 1260 Diet Assessment and Planninga,b 3
    Elective Option: 3 Credits
    NUTR-UE 1064 Nutritional Biochemistry a,b,c 3
    NUTR-UE 1209  Community Nutrition d 3
    NUTR-UE 1269  Nutrition and the Life Cycle d 3
    NUTR-UE xxxx  With departmental permission, other electives offered by the department  

    *CAS students may take: BIOL-UA 12 Principles of Biology II or BIOL-UA 14 Honors Prinicples of Biology II in place of NUTR-UE 1068 Introduction to Human Physiology.

    †Nursing students take NURSE-UE 70 Anatomy and Physiology in place of NUTR-UE 1068 Introduction to Human Physiology

    a.  Prerequisite: NUTR-UE 119
    b.  Prerequisite: NUTR-UE 1068 (or equivalent)
    c.  Co-requisite: CHEM-UA 210 (or equivalent)
    d.  Prerequisites: NUTR-UE 1260