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Doctoral student Nour Makarem to present at Society of Epidemiological Research

Nutrition doctoral student Nour Makarem recently selected by the Society of Epidemiological Research, which will allow her to travel to the annual workshop in June in Denver, CO and present to the body's members on cancer epidemiology.  The Society of Epidemiological Research workshop aims to encourage and foster the professional development of students of epidemiology and young investigators. Every year 12 applicants are selected  to participate in an intense workshop based on their submitted research proposals that utilize various types of epidemiologic studies, in a number of different substantive areas, using a range of epidemiologic methods.

Makarem's dissertation evaluates the impact of carbohydrate nutrition, including dietary glycemic index and load, whole and refined grains, total and added sugars and their major food sources on the risk of adiposity-related cancers using data from the Framingham Heart Study. She will also evaluate the impact of alcohol consumption on the risk of these cancers, which are hypothesized to be related to lifestyle.