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New Program: Applied Statistics for Social Science Research: A Socially Significant Degree

The Master of Science in Applied Statistics for Social Science Research (A3SR) is a flexible-credit program that provides you with rigorous training in statistical research techniques and their applications in contemporary social, behavioral, and health science research. The program allows you to learn highly marketable skills in the current data science revolution and to use those skills to address important social issues.

Who is this program for?

This M.S. program is a good choice if you like to work with numbers and solve problems and want to learn valuable data-analysis and analytical skills. Advanced statistical methods can be used to answer pivotal research questions across many science and social science disciplines as well as to inform policy and do work that is socially important and significant. The program is designed to help you develop the ability to perform and understand complex quantitative research in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

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