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Nourishing USA: Going National, Staying Local On September 17th

Nourishing USA is unveiling its nationwide hunger advocacy program on September 17, 2011 at the Stay Classy philanthropic awards program in San Diego, California.
NEW YORK, NY, September, 16, 2011 – Nourishing NYC officially launched Nourishing USA, a nonprofit with the mission to achieve “nutrition for all” in America by empowering groups to help those in-need. Nourishing USA was created in response to the hundreds of requests that we at Nourishing NYC received in regards to creating similar community food programs in various cites throughout America.
“We believe that no matter what your economic status that you deserve to eat healthfully,” said Gina Keatley, founder and CEO of Nourishing USA. “Nourishing USA comes from the ideal that people want to help within their local community, but sometimes don’t know where to start. At Nourishing USA we provide everything for your group to Grow fresh produce, Gather healthy items from supermarket harvests, and Give to organizations within your own community.”
Nourishing USA, headquartered in New York, NY, strives to increase involvement in the community by supporting emergency food shelters in a healthful way. “We are very excited about this expansion and this is a great way to go national but stay local,” said Keatley.
Nourishing USA is currently accepting groups to order their free hunger kits to expand Nourishing into every neighborhood. For more information, please visit http://www.nourishingusa.org.