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Coleman Comments on Lulz Security

John Moe of American Public Media's Marketplace Tech Report interviewed Gabriella Coleman, assistant professor in the NYU Steinhardt Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, following a security breach of the United States Senate website. LulzSec is claiming responsibility for the hack. This group boasts about their behavior, but operates in a clandestine manner - raising questions about the state of security on the Internet. In the interview, Coleman explains the meaning of "Lulz" and "Lulzy behavior." 

Trained as an anthropologist, Gabriella (Biella) Coleman examines the ethics of online collaboration/institutions as well as the role of the law and digital media  in sustaining various forms of political activism. Between 2001-2003 she conducted ethnographic research on computer hackers primarily in San Francisco, the Netherlands, as well as those hackers who work on the largest free software project, Debian. She is completing a book manuscript "Coding Freedom: Hacker Pleasure and the Ethics of Free and Open Source Software" (under contract with Princeton University Press) and is conducting a project on peer to peer patient activism on the Internet.