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Borisoff, Chesebro Publish Book on Relationships between Gender and Power

Deborah J. Borisoff, professor in the New York University Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, and James W. Chesebro, distinguished professor of telecommunications and director of the Master of Arts in the Department of Telecommunication at Ball State University, published a new book titled Communicating Power and Gender.

Published by Waveland Press, the book "examines the relationships between gender and power and how they are linked to and transformed by the communication process. Within this discussion a host of correlations emerge, crossing social, cultural, historical, political, and racial spheres. In order to anchor their discussion Borisoff and Chesebro define the terms gender, power, and communication, which provides an operational platform from which to view fundamental issues such as the effects of stereotyping and verbal and nonverbal communication by gender. The authors also consider four contexts that shape and influence gender socialization and sex-role constructions: mediated communication and gender roles in various media systems, early socialization in the home, the educational landscape, and women and men in the workplace... Communicating Power and Gender explores not only how gender-based issues affect us daily, but also how gender-based communication can be more sensitively, usefully, and effectively employed."