NYU Steinhardt News

Artists of Excess and Vision and Inner Beauty

Every year, the Steinhardt MFA program in studio art brings together an exceptional group of committed young artists who want to develop their work in a community of faculty and colleagues. MFA students are asked to consider their own practices and assumptions, as well as those of the contemporary artworld, and to pursue their visions to the point of excess as needed.

"Our students are asked to make work which is formally ambitious and intellectually aware of its own implications," says Nancy Barton, chair of the Department of Art and Art Professions. "These artists show us the effects of historical, political, and personal forces on an individual. Unlike statistical research, which shows general trends, artistic research shows us an internal world in dialogue with society, mapping the shifts in subjectivity and meaning, and allows for a place of response to the forces which confront us all."

This month graduating MFA candidates presented their thesis exhibitions at Steinhardt's 80 Washington Square East Galleries. Among the works on view were paintings by Jason Ledet.