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Siskin Wins US DOE Grant to Study International Baccalaureate Education

Leslie Santee Siskin, associate research professor in the department of Administration Leadership and Technology, recently received a $300,000 subcontract on a grant from the United States Department of Education to examine the design, implementation and impact of International Baccalaureate Education on Title I public schools nationwide. IB, whose curriculum and testing system is recognized by universities as the "gold standard" in college preparation, aims to increase students' successful completion of its program. IB now serves over 2000 schools in 124 different countries, and is the popular curricular choice in the United States for high-needs schools seeking to raise academic standards. Along with API (Advanced Placement Incentive), IB is attempting to expand its access.

Siskin's study will focus on national survey and assessment data and field studies of schools providing the IB program along with a support system, and schools without this additional support. Some questions that the research intends to study are: What are the pathways (and obstacles) to expanding IB enrollment for disadvantaged students? What support structures and services enhance a school's capacity to ensure student access and success? What are the characteristics of students who participate and persist--and those who do not? What effect does that participation have on the students' own performance, and on the school as a whole?