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2007 Frieda J. Behlen Scholarship Award Recipients Announced

The Frieda J. Behlen Occupational Therapy Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce that second-year students Rebecca Berg and Lauren Selsky have been selected to receive the $2,500 Scholarship Awards for 2007. Recipients of the awards have demonstrated superior academic merit as well as finanical need.

Rebecca Berg is concentrating her study in sensory integration and social skills interventions in pediatric practice. This summer, she plans to work in a Fieldwork II assignment in Seattle, Washington. Lauren Selsky is interested in expanding her past fieldwork experience into pediatrics as well.

The Behlan Scholarship is an endowed fund created principally by gifts from NYU occupational therapy alumni. Income generated by the endowment is given to two students annually. The award takes the form of a tuition credit applied toward summer courses, as during the summer student financial aid generally is not available.