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For Kevin McCoy, Deconstruction of Culture is an Artistic-and Literal-Endeavor

Source: Washington Post

Kevin McCoy, an associate professor in the Department of Art and Art Professions, and his wife and artistic partner, Jennifer, a professor at Brooklyn College, literally deconstruct our cultural world in creating their art.

In the past, the McCoys have taken footage from a single television series, then pulled apart its components to create several CDs that include the show’s separate components: close-ups, establishing shots, zooms, and pans.

"If our mental and cultural world is supposed to be constructed, then they'll craft building blocks of sense and a machine that lets us watch them being put together into an edifice of meaning,” the Washington Post writes in an Oct. 8 story. “Rather than crying out against how television constructs the modern self, or begging us to break free of its formulas, the McCoys invite us to revel in the medium's absurdity,”