Woodwind Studies

Walk - Interactive Multimedia Performance by Lars Graugaard

Multimedia performance for eight players and interactive computer
Composed 2011 by Lars Graugaard
Light projection by Chris Jordan
Premiered March 10, 2011, by The NYU New Music Ensemble, Frederick Loewe Theatre, New York University.

Lars Graugaard: 

This experimental work was developed over a three-week period at New York University Steinhardt February-March 2011. It makes use of computer vision for animating instrumental recordings the players make during performance. What this means is that instrumental playing is never heard directly from the instruments, only later when it is animated through separate full-body movements. This give-and-take is used in a sequence of combinations where the tasks of playing/recording and playing/animating is indicated by the light and shadows projected on each musician individually.

The result is that while some musicians record, others may animate it later, and as layers and body movements gradually build up, so does the timbral and gestural richness of the work. Pulsations and rhythm fragments are introduced independently by the computer as the music slowly moves towards a climax, until a dramatic breakthrough brings the work to a slow stop on extended sounds.

For further information about the artist, please visit Lars Graugaard's blog.