Music Therapy

Music Therapy Graduate Program

NYU's master's degree program in music psychotherapy is designed to accommodate mature students who seek a credential in music therapy for the first time as well as students already certified in music therapy who wish to develop specialized skills beyond the competencies that are gained in an entry-level training program. The length of the program varies from 48 to 60 credits based on student experience and background and can be taken full or part time based on student needs.

All students must participate in an audition/interview process before being admitted to the program. We seek students who share our excitement for the practice of music therapy and demonstrate readiness for training based on a belief in the power of music for therapy and healing, personal maturity, sensitivity to others, a deep love of music making, and openness to self-exploration. Prior to applying, students must have earned a bachelor's degree in music therapy or a related field such as, but not limited to, music education, music performance, psychology, etc.

Our program is highly selective in order to keep our classes small and the training individualized. The student to faculty ratio in our program is about 4 to 1. Class size varies from 5 to 18 students according to the design and goals of each course.

Upon completing our program, students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate their proficiency in the clinical music competencies, particularly clinical improvisation.

2. Describe a specific client population along with their relevant clinical issues and adapt a treatment plan accordingly.

3. Employ intercultural and international perspectives in their work as music psychotherapists.

4. Integrate current research and basic research methods into their work as music psychotherapists.

Please refer to Curriculum for a detailed outline of the program.