Research - Music Technology

Master's Theses

Note: Some of the thesis papers require permission to access. Please request access from the link.


Rebecca Y. Feynberg

Modern contact transfer: assessing its effect on wax cylinder audio 

Adriana Madden

Developing spaceJam: The New Sound Spatialization Tool for an Artist and Novice 

Tlacael Esparza

Computational Rhythm Similarity Development and Verification Through Deep Networks and Musically Motivated Analysis

Hariharan Mohanraj 

2012 Kwan Kim Analyzing the Relationship Among Audio Labels Using Hubert-Arabie adjusted Rand Index
2009 Chris Camilleri Embracing Mp3: Mastering Audio in the Age of Mobile Music
2009 Chi Kim Interactive Music Systems for the Web
2009 Miles Fulwider Mixing Scenarios for B+ Format Audio
2009 Andy Saroff Spaciousness in Recorded Music: Human Perception, Objective Measurement, and Machine Prediction
2009 Paul Maurer Generating a Genre: An Algorithmic Approach to Creating Popular Music
2009 Jan Erik Hagevold An Approach to Real-Time Content-Based Audio Synthesis.
2008 Laura Sinnott Mapping Strategies for the Augmented Tango Shoe
2008 Will Strumolo A Framework for Real-Time Digital Audio Processing in the Internet Browser.
2008 Jason A. Hockman Automatic Timbre Mutation of Drum Loops.
2008 Maxwell Newlands Artist similarity in The Social Web: Application of Network Analysis to MP3 Blogs.
2008 Frederick S. Scott Room-dependent preference of Virtual Surround Sound
2008 Jonathan P. Forsyth Source Separation, Removal, and Resynthesis Using Azimuth-based Source Separation
2007 Bennett Kolasinski “Recording on Rails” The Quest for an Intelligent Recording Environment.
2007 Adam Kestian A New Junction Identification Method Utilizing Acoustic Reflectometry.
2006 Langdon C Crawford How to Write Music For The Airband