Research - Music Technology

Master's Theses

Note: Some of the thesis papers require permission to access. Please request access from the link.


Rebecca Y. Feynberg

Modern contact transfer: assessing its effect on wax cylinder audio 

Jacob Gunther

The Dark Matter Trumpet System: A Digital Mute to Expand the Sonic Capabilities of the Trumpet

Juan José Cardona Bernat 

The Colombian Tiple: Sound Radiation Patterns and Implications for Amplification and Recording Strategies

Adriana Madden

Developing spaceJam: The New Sound Spatialization Tool for an Artist and Novice 

Tlacael Esparza

Computational Rhythm Similarity Development and Verification Through Deep Networks and Musically Motivated Analysis

James Keary 

 A New Technique for Capturing True Coincidence in Ambisonic Microphone Arrays

Tsai-Yi Wu

Listening with Realism: Sound Stage Extension for Laptop Speakers

Hariharan Mohanraj 

2012 Kwan Kim Analyzing the Relationship Among Audio Labels Using Hubert-Arabie adjusted Rand Index
2009 Chris Camilleri Embracing Mp3: Mastering Audio in the Age of Mobile Music
2009 Chi Kim Interactive Music Systems for the Web
2009 Miles Fulwider Mixing Scenarios for B+ Format Audio
2009 Andy Saroff Spaciousness in Recorded Music: Human Perception, Objective Measurement, and Machine Prediction
2009 Paul Maurer Generating a Genre: An Algorithmic Approach to Creating Popular Music
2009 Jan Erik Hagevold An Approach to Real-Time Content-Based Audio Synthesis.
2008 Laura Sinnott Mapping Strategies for the Augmented Tango Shoe
2008 Will Strumolo A Framework for Real-Time Digital Audio Processing in the Internet Browser.
2008 Jason A. Hockman Automatic Timbre Mutation of Drum Loops.
2008 Maxwell Newlands Artist similarity in The Social Web: Application of Network Analysis to MP3 Blogs.
2008 Frederick S. Scott Room-dependent preference of Virtual Surround Sound
2008 Jonathan P. Forsyth Source Separation, Removal, and Resynthesis Using Azimuth-based Source Separation
2007 Bennett Kolasinski “Recording on Rails” The Quest for an Intelligent Recording Environment.
2007 Adam Kestian A New Junction Identification Method Utilizing Acoustic Reflectometry.
2007 Brett Leonard The Downsampling Dilemma: The psychoacoustic and digital effects of sample rate reduction
2006 Langdon C Crawford How to Write Music For The Airband