Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions

Research - Music Technology

Research - Music Technology


Our program hosts a vivacious and creative community of music technologists conducting research in a variety of exciting fields such as music information retrieval, digital signal processing, music cognition, interactive music systems, and 3D audio. Our students work closely with faculty advisors to source ideas and develop new technologies, often culminating in academic journal publications and presentation at professional conferences. Weekly activities include seminars, workshops and discussion groups featuring the work of guest speakers, faculty and students.

Housed in the Music Technology program, the Music and Audio Research Lab (MARL) brings together scholars from the fields of music theory, technology and composition, computer and information science, interactive media and media studies, in order to explore the intersection between music, computation and science. The objective is to combine techniques and methodologies from the arts, the humanities and the sciences to understand and model human cognitive abilities in music, and innovate the analysis, organization and creation of music.

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