Undergraduate Program - Music Technology

Undergraduate Application

Online application and general information on undergraduate admissions can be found here: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/portal/prospective_undergraduate

Current NYU Students: If you wish to transfer or change majors to music technology please see this page.


Applicants to the undergraduate program in Music Technology are required to go through an audition process, which includes the submission of an online audition package. An optional phone interview may be necessary, if additional information is needed. The audition provides the applicant with the opportunity to demonstrate their musical skills and talent. Although it is not necessary to be an advanced performer to enter the Music Technology Program, a basic level of musicianship is required.
Once you have submitted the application to NYU, and received your application ID number, you may submit your audition. The package, which is submitted online through Acceptd, includes the following items you should be prepared to provide/answer:

- Describe your background in music. What instrument(s) do you play? How many years have you played them? Have you taken formal music lessons? Have you taken Music Theory courses - if so, what level(s)?

- Describe your background in music technology. What software(s) have you worked with, and for how many years? 

- Why are you interested in studying Music Technology at NYU?

- Upload your résumé

- Upload or provide a YouTube link to a video recording of the following items:
a. Applicant’s name, city and state
b. Performance of two contrasting pieces in any style: the applicant may play (or sing) a piece in which they are the soloist, or where they have a significant solo part. The performance may be with an accompanist, a band, in a school performance, or as a soloist. The applicant does not need to be an advanced performer to enter the Music Technology Program.
c. Sing an ascending major scale a cappella (no accompaniment)

(Optional) Upload or provide a YouTube link to supporting materials with examples of the applicant’s work, as a musician, engineer, producer, composer, or other. All materials should be properly labeled with the applicant’s role(s) on the recording (as musician, or engineer, or composer etc). 

Submit your digital application

If additional information is needed, a faculty member from the Music Technology program will arrange a phone interview with the applicant.

  Application to
Admission's Office
Audition package to
Music Technology Office
FALL EARLY DECISION I: November 1 November 1
FALL EARLY DECISION II: January 1 January 1
FALL REGULAR DECISION: January 1 January 1

Note for Prospective Transfer Students:
Though NYU's deadline for Spring transfer admission is November 1 and our deadline for Summer/Fall transfer admission is April 1, we suggest that you submit your Common Application one month in advance. Submitting your Common Application early will leave you more time to schedule an audition by our deadlines above.

Financial Aid

New York University’s Office of Financial Aid provides a variety of assistance options for both undergraduate and graduate students. Financial Aid providing tuition assistance and a stipend is available to qualified graduate students through teaching fellowships and scholarships. More information can be found at http://www.nyu.edu/financial.aid/

As part of their financial aid package students are often awarded work-study benefits. The Music Technology program offers several work-study compatible employment opportunities, more details can be found in the Student Employment section.

For more comprehensive Financial Aid information for Music Technology students, see the Financial Aid page.

Scheduling Tours and Meeting with Current Students

We have tours of the facilities after each open house and after each audition. Tours can also be scheduled at other times by emailing us: music.technology@nyu.edu. Applicants are also encouraged to attend our open houses, where they can meet current students.