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Internship Program

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Internship is a graduation requirement for all Music Technology undergraduates (and a recommended elective for graduate students). We strongly believe that internship is an essential part of a Music Technology student’s learning experience. An internship provides valuable “hands-on” experience that enhances our curriculum, allows the student to establish a network of professional contacts, and often leads to permanent employment. The experience obtained through this opportunity is invaluable.

We encourage our students to take advantage of the wealth of resources offered by New York City through internships at leading recording studios, new-media web-related companies, music-scoring houses and other music industry enterprises.

These internship opportunities have often led to permanent employment for our students. As many of our alumni now head their own studios and businesses, it is not uncommon for our students to be interning for (and mentored by) alumni of our program that they encountered during their internships.

Strong industry connections have also been built with other industry professionals who have simply come to know that the interns we provide are well-educated, knowledgeable about Music Technology and reliable.


Internship positions are available to Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students. We ask the following of the internship providers:

  • That participating companies provide training programs (i.e., orientations, workshops, seminars, etc.) that meet monthly. Companies feel this to be an excellent training opportunity for current employees as well.
  • Interns are occasionally invited to observe departmental meetings.
  • An Intern is assigned to a Supervisor or Intern Coordinator that directly oversees the student’s activity on a weekly basis.
  • Students arrange the internship around their class schedule. The average internship schedule consists of a maximum of 4 days a week, with a 12-15 hour per week minimum, depending on the internship points registered. Companies generally find two mornings and two afternoons each week (i.e., 10 – 1PM and 5 – 8PM) to be a reasonable work schedule.


Once a student is signed up for internship, she/he must find an internship (with our assistance if needed). Below are the additional requirements for the students taking the internship:

  • Hours: For each credit of internship for which a student registers, he/she completes 50 hours of work over the course of the semester. (i.e. a 3 credit internship would require a student to work for 150 hours during the semester, or average 10 hours / week)
  • Paper: It is the program’s responsibility and intention to educate our students through the internship experience. To reinforce this education, a paper is required of each student at the completion of the internship. This paper, which covers the internship activity in depth, allows the student to review and evaluate the “on-the-job” training obtained. It also allows the student to explore the many facets of the participating company (i.e. departmental responsibilities, staff, etc.).
  • Other paperwork: We also ask the student to turn a signed agreement form at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester the student submits a work log as well as an internship rating (both signed by their supervisor), and their own rating of their internship experience.


*All forms should also be handed in or sent to to Eleanor Lee.

Internships are for credit only. When possible, students may be compensated for travel and work-related expenses.


Past Internship Providers:

Record Labels: (A&R, production, programming, many different internships)

Venues / Live Sound Reinforcement

Music Production / Composition / Post-Production

New Media / Web Audio

Studios and Mastering


Companies interested in participating in the Music Technology Internship Program should send an email to

For students preparing to study for a semester in Prague, see this page on music internships in Prague