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Nick Didkovsky

Nick Didkovsky teaches Java Music Systems, a course he designed that explores making real-time computer music using two Java music technologies: JMSL and JSyn. Java Music Specification Language (JMSL) is a programming environment for experiments in music performance, algorithmic composition, and intelligent instrument design. JSyn is a software synthesis package with which the  programmer/composer can build virtual musical instruments. JSyn delivers CD-quality stereo audio in real-time. The use of Java enables the composer to create interactive music, software instruments, sound environments, and compositions in web browsers, or as stand-alone applications. Online Java music pieces and movies of student projects are posted at

Nick Didkovsky is a guitarist, composer, and software programmer. In 1983, he founded the avant-rock octet Doctor Nerve. He presently resides in New York City, where he composes, creates music software, and teaches computer music composition at New York University and Columbia University. He is the principle author of the computer music language Java Music Specification Language ( He has composed music for Bang On A Can All-Stars, Meridian Arts Ensemble, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, California EAR Unit, New Century Players, Ethel String Quartet, Electric Kompany, ARTE Quartett, and other ensembles. He is director of bioinformatics for the Gensat project at The Rockefeller University.