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The following list highlights some of the accomplishments and career paths of some of the graduates of the Music Technology Program. Where possible, links have also been provided so that you may find more information about them.

John Angier

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Film and TV Sound and Music Production
Title: Composer, Music Editor, Sound Editor, Sound Designer
Company: Freelance

John is a New York based composer who writes primarily for television and film, major credits including scored most of the Pokemon movies.


Mark Ballora

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Academia
Title: Full-Time Faculty (Professor)
Company: Pennsylvania State University, State College

After completing his Master’s in Music Technology, Mark went on to earn another Masters at NYU in Composition and then his Ph.D at McGill. Mark is a full-time professor at Penn State and a regular contributor to Electronic Musician.


Michele Darling

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Academia
Title: Director of Education
Company: DubSpot
URL: LinkedIn and Girls Like Bass - Showreel 2014 and Digital World

Michele was a sound designer/engineer/composer at Sesame Workshop for many years, and an active performer. She is now Director of Education at DubSpot.


Kelly Harnett

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Post-Production
Title: Mixer
Company: audioEngine

Kelly Ericson Harnett is putting her NYU Masters in Music Technology and Tonmeister certificate to work at audioEngine, the leading audio post production studio in Manhattan, where in 2009 she was given her own studio and promoted to mixer. In her spacious, personalized studio, she masters the mixing board for numerous national clients: CNBC, Verizon, TGIFridays, Coldwell Banker, Sleep Number, Kia & Marvel.


Barry Hill

Field(s): Academia
Title: Director and Associate Professor of Music Recording Technology Program
Company: Lebanon Valley College of Pennsylvania

Barry founded a Music Technology program at Lebanon Valley and is also an author.


Emily Lazar

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Mastering
Title: Mastering Engineer, Business Owner
Company: The Lodge


Emily is a NYC Mastering Engineer "The Lodge" (NYC);Featured on Cover of Electronic Musician Magazine in 2003, Recent clients include: David Bowie, Natalie Merchant, Destiny's Child, The Donnas, Apples In Stereo, Riddlin' Kids among many others.


Eleni Lomvardou

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Music Production, Film, TV, Theater
Title: Studio Owner
Company: Studio34 Music Productions, Athens, Greece

After graduation, Eleni returned to Greece and has her own Music Production/Sound Design and Composition studio called Studio35 in Athens.


VJ Manzo

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Academia
Title: Professor/Author/Performer
Company: Assistant Professor of Music Technology and Cognition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
DJ's work in Max/MSP was recently written about in Cycling '74.

Matt Marinelli

Degree earned at NYU: Undergraduate
Field(s): Hardware Design/Manufacturing and Service Companies
Title: Founder and Owner
Company: Coral Sound
URL: and

Matt is Founder/Owner of Coral Sound -- a professional audio services company specializing in systems design and installation for recording studios and broadcast facilities.


Paul Maurer

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Sound Design
Title: Lead Sound Designer
Company: Native Instruments

Paul Maurer is a lead Sound Designer at Native Instruments in Berlin, Germany. He received a Master of Music degree in the Music Technology program at New York University. He is a composer of a wide variety of music styles, specializing in orchestral, pop, rock, folk, circus, and children's music.


Robert Porembski

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate, Undergraduate
Field(s): Academia
Title: Professor Of Music Industry & Technology
Company: Mercy College

Bob is now Professor of Music Industry & Technology at Mercy College, he also taught for many years at Queensborough Community College has a Music Production house in NY.


Sarah Register

Degree earned at NYU: Undergraduate
Field(s): Mastering, Recording
Title: Mastering Engineer, Studio Engineer
Company: Freelance

Sarah worked for the Lodge for many years, now is freelance, some work for Laurie Anderson "Worked relentlessly on over a thousand records between '01 & '07. Continues to master on a less hectic schedule in NYC, and performs regularly with band Talk Normal." Talk Normal, a band duo, is performing at Bang on a Can Marathon 2013. The band is continuing to increase in popularity.


Greg Rippin

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Film/TV Sound, Academia
Title: Freelance Audio Post and Teaching
Company: Freelance and Duquesne University


Greg Rippin grew up outside Pittsburgh, PA, and Greensboro, NC. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, where he studied classical piano and recording arts, and earned a Master's Degree in Music Technology from New York University.

Greg has worked for over ten years as an audio engineer specializing in audio post-production for film and television. His clients include television networks, advertising agencies, film composers, post houses, and independent film directors. Nowadays, Greg is a staff audio engineer at CBC television in New York.



Andrew Roberts

Degree earned at NYU: Undergraduate
Field(s): Hardware Design/Manufacturing and Service Companies
Title: Founder and Owner
Company: Purple Audio

Andrew is a owner/founder of Purple Audio, Inc., a respected Pro Audio Technical Service and manufacturing company started in Long Island City, New York in the 90's and now relocated to Pennsylvania.


Daniel Roninson

Degree earned at NYU: Undergraduate
Field(s): Mix engineering, Sound design, Post-production
Title: Sound Technician

As a recording and mixing engineer, sound designer, and audio post-production engineer, Roninson has worked on several television shows, feature length films, plays, and recordings in New York City and Albany, NY. He has recently graduated from the Steinhardt School at New York University. He grew up outside of Chicago playing piano, saxophone and guitar before becoming more involved in audio. Some credits include sound design for Spike TV's The Team, dialogue editing and foley for the independent film Fog Warning, and sound design for the stage production of How To Stay Sane In Paris. He has also worked as a live sound engineer around New York. BM in Music Technology, New York University. He joined the Music Program at Bennington as Sound Technician in the fall of 2008.


Gabriel Roth

Degree earned at NYU: Undergraduate
Field(s): Recording
Title: Founder and Owner
Company: Daptone Records

Gabriel Roth finished as an undergrad 10 years ago, and interned at a studio dealing exclusively with vinyl and re-creating a 70's Soul, R&B and Funk aesthetic. After he finished, he went into business with one of the people he was in touch with as a student, creating Daptone records. Daptone has recently recorded for projects of Sharon Jones, Amy Winehouse, and other acclaimed releases.

Here is an article about Gabriel:


Kevin Siwoff

Degree earned at NYU: Undergraduate
Field(s): Internet & Technology
Title: Partner Media Management
Company: Youtube/Google, Inc.

Kevin is a partner media manager at Google, working with YouTube's content partners in advertising operations. In addition to his work at Google, Kevin has freelanced as a sound designer, composer, and web content producer for advertising, film, and television.

 Ebonie Smith

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Audio Engineer and Producer
Atlantic Records


Ebonie Smith is a music producer, singer-songwriter and audio engineer based in New York City. Ebonie is also the founder and chief curator of Gender Amplified, a movement that celebrates and supports women in music production. Ebonie holds a master's degree in music technology from New York University. She currently works as the in-house audio engineer and producer for Atlantic Records and also writes editorial content for

Tim Starnes

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Film Sound
Title: Music Editor
Company: Freelance

Tim Starnes recently assisted as a music editor for Robert DeNiro's blockbuster movie, The Good Shepard (Universal Pictures, 2006). He has also assisted film composer great Howard Shore as a music editor on Bob Shaye's The Last Mimzy (New Line Films, 2007), and two Martin Scorcese blockbusters: The Departed (Warner Bros. Pictures, 2006) and The Aviator (Miramax, 2004). Tim worked on Peter Jackson's King Kong and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (New Line Films, 2002,3). Ron Sadoff, director of Film Scoring at NYU Steinhardt recommended Tim for The Lord of The Rings while Tim was a masters at NYU Steinhardt.

To see an interview with Tim Starnes, click here.

Colin Thibadeau

Degree earned at NYU: Graduate
Field(s): Music Production
Title: Music Supervisor, Associate Creative Director
Company: The Lodge

Raised in Ithaca, New York, Colin began playing classical piano at age 4, and promptly quit 10 years later to try to become an international guitar hero. Failing that, he went to Bowdoin College, where he studied music, learning composition, theory, history, and piano performance with such luminaries as Elliot Schwartz and Mary Hunter. Bowdoin was also where he got a work study job recording live concerts, and started to get a taste for recording and mixing. He built the college's first small recording studio, and never looked back.
A year after graduating, he enrolled in NYU's Master's in Music Technology program, where he studied engineering, computer music composition, and programming, and spent a year as a teaching assistant for legendary engineer and producer Jim Anderson.
He started at The Lodge as an intern in November 2005, and after earning a reputation as the "Worst Intern Ever", he was offered a permanent position in March 2006, and hasn't looked back yet.