Frequently Asked Questions

Current Undergraduate Student FAQ

Where can I find the Music Theory and Music History placement test results?

Music Theory and Music History Placement Test results can be found here.

Is there an internship program?

Undergraduates in music technology are required to do at least 3 credits of internship. The Music Technology program is affiliated with many studios and companies in the NYC area through our network of industry contacts, faculty, and alumni, and resources are available to students looking for positions. Students also find internships on their own which focus on specific areas of interest to the student. Internship opportunites outside the city are also possible during the summer months.

Research internships are also available to students, and are designed to develop and support partnerships between students and faculty in the music technology program. They offer students the chance to work on cutting edge research and gain practical skills in all phases of standard research activity: developing initiatives, conducting research projects, analyzing data, and presenting results. Internship projects center around the around major research areas of the faculty.

What facilities are available to music technology students?

There are several teaching studios for music technology.  They range from computer based production stations to fully-featured recording and post-production studios.  The studios are fitted with Apple computers running the latest music production software such as Logic, Protools, Digital Performer, Reason, Max/MSP and numerous plugins such as Waves, GRM Tools, Native Instruments, etc.

For more information, please visit the Studios page.

Who are the faculty members in the program?

A core group of full-time faculty lead the program, produce original research, develop and teach courses, as well as a varitable pantheon of adjunct instructors who teach a class or two while maintaining a full-time career in music technology outside academia.  This mix of reseach and professional applications provide music technology students with a broad and deep understanding of the field.

A listing of our faculty is available here.

I'm a current student trying to find an internship. Where should I look?

We have an Internship blog with a list of possible internship opportunities. It can be found here (password protected).