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Orientation - Music Technology

Orientation - Music Technology

This orientation site is intended to help the incoming student’s transition to the Music Technology program at New York University. It provides basic information about the faculty, classes, requirements, outlines the program, and suggests where more specific information can be found. 

Please take the time to read through all of these pages carefully, if you have any further questions contact information can be found at the end of this page.

Please keep checking this site regularly for updates.

Important Links

1. Welcome (current page) - Important Dates, Orientation Session, Contact Information
2. Checklist - What to do before classes start
3. Requirements (Undergraduate/Graduate) - Required Classes, Placement Exams, Performance Requirement, Master's Thesis
4. Employment - Information on applying for student worker positions


Important Dates





First day of classes:

Tuesday, September 7th


Orientation Session:

Tuesday, September 7th

4:55pm - 6:35pm

35 West 4th St. 8th floor, Studio E

History Placement Exam:

Monday, August 30th

1:30pm - 4:30pm

TBA - Check here

Theory Placement Exam:

Monday, August 30th

9:30am - 12:30pm

TBA - Check here


Orientation Session

The orientation session is designed for ALL incoming Music Technology students. You are strongly encouraged to attend. This will be an opportunity to meet your colleagues and faculty, get important information about the program, and ask questions. During the session we will cover:

• General information and overview of the program and facilities
• Program requirements and expectations
• Classes overview
• Advisement and Registration
• Music theory and history placement exam information

The orientation session for graduates will take place during the first Digital Audio Processing I class (a required class in your first semester), on the 8th floor of 35 West 4th St. in studio E, 4:55pm – 6:35pm.

Food and beverages will be served. 

We look forward to seeing you!


Contact Information

Music Technology Program:


Dr. Kenneth Peacock,

Associate Director

Dr. Agnieszka Roginska,

Assistant Professor

Dr. Juan Bello,

Assistant Professor

Dr. Morwaread Mary Farbood

Program Advisor

Dafna Naphtali,

Program Assistant/Advisor

Langdon Crawford,

Advising Office

(212) 998-5422,

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