Frequently Asked Questions

Current Graduate Students FAQ

Where can I find the Music Theory and Music History placement test results?

Music Theory and Music History Placement Test results can be found here.

What courses qualify as a cognate elective for Music Technology?

A cognate elective is a graduate level research course outside the music department. Graduate level courses in studio art, dance, etc, will not qualify.

Psychology of Music is an exception to the above; this is a cognitive science course offered within the music department. The list of available cognates changes each semester, so be sure to review your options and confirm with your advisor that the course will qualify.

What if I would like to take a course that does not qualify as a cognate elective?

Students have several unrestricted graduate elective credits that they may use. Just be sure it is a graduate course. There are a small number of exceptions, specifically courses in sound or audio taught as remediation in other departments will not be accepted as graduate electives.

What facilities are available to music technology students?

There are several teaching studios for music technology.  They range from computer based production stations to fully-featured recording and post-production studios.  The studios are fitted with Apple computers running the latest music production software such as Logic, Protools, Digital Performer, Reason, Max/MSP and numerous plugins such as Waves, GRM Tools, Native Instruments, etc.

For more information, please visit the Studios page.

Who are the faculty members in the program?

A core group of full-time faculty lead the program, produce original research, develop and teach courses, as well as a varitable pantheon of adjunct instructors who teach a class or two while maintaining a full-time career in music technology outside academia.  This mix of reseach and professional applications provide music technology students with a broad and deep understanding of the field.

A listing of our faculty is available here.