Summer Programs

Summer Online Video Submissions

Use the best quality video and audio recording devices possible. The performance should not be edited; it should be a "live" audition, with no stopping of the recording during the entire audition recording.

Start recording:
* State your full name and the summer program you are applying to
* State the date

At the conclusion of the performance portion of the audition, the applicant will be asked to announce that they have "reached the end of my audition" and restate their name. Turn off recording device.

After you complete the NYU video audition recording, post your audition video on YouTube in the following manner and send an unlisted link to the appropriate director per the instructions below.

What is an unlisted video?

An unlisted video is a different type of private video. "Unlisted" means that only people who know the link to the video can view it (such as friends or family to whom you send the link). An unlisted video will not appear in any of YouTube's public spaces (such as search results, your channel, or the Browse page). An unlisted video is different to a private video in these ways:

  • you don't need a YouTube account to watch the video (you can see an unlisted video if someone sends you the video's link)
  • there's no 25 person sharing limit

YouTube Video Submission Instructions

How do I create an unlisted video?

You can choose to make any of your uploads an unlisted video in your YouTube Account settings. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into your YouTube Account
  2. Go to your My Videos page
  3. Select the video which you’d like to make an unlisted video. Click the “Edit” button to access the video’s settings.
  4. Go to the Privacy section of the page. There you’ll see the option to mark you video as “unlisted,” “public,” or “private.” Select unlisted.
  5. Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button. Once you’ve done this your video will be an unlisted video.

Please title the video as such:
NYU [Program Name] Audition: Your Name, Date
Example: NYU Summer Brass Audition: John Smith, 4/1/2011

Please test the link before you send it to the program director. You can log out of YouTube and send the link to a second email address you may have or to a family member. 

String Quartet Workshop:
Professor Stephanie Baer,

Broadway Percussion Seminar/Summit:
Professor Jonathan Haas,

Jazz Improv Workshop:
Professor David Schroeder,

Looking for Shakespeare:
Producer Teresa Fisher,

Woodwind Master Class Workshop
Professor Esther Lamneck,

Piano Workshop
Professor Marilyn Nonken,

Classical Voice Workshop
Professor Grant Wenaus,


We strongly suggest that you do not make your clips available to anyone other than the designated audition recipient. 

NYU does not offer technical support for YouTube, please visit YouTube help with any technical issues.